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First Library™ is so much more than a free book program. We're an incentive and reward program too.

First time mothers can earn points through various free reading related activities, such as library activities, reading surveys and parent questionnaires, to shop for new books at our First Library Book Shop™.

BONUS: First time mothers receive gifts for continued participation.

If you know a first time mother who is participating in a free monthly book program and is interested in receiving additional free books for their child, please complete the following online referral form.

A First Library Incentive & Reward Registration form will be emailed to them.

The average middle-income child has about 13 books in their home. In low-income neighborhoods, there is only one book for every 300 children.

Neuman, S., & Dickinson, D. (Eds.). (2006) Handbook of Early Literacy Research (Vol. 2)

First Library™ Referral Form

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  • It is the mother's first child.
  • The child is under one year old.

  • The mother is willing to read to their child daily and perform various free reading related activities.
  • The mother is able to commit to the program for three years.
  • The mother is enrolled in an approved free monthly book program.